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Ever get tired of the blatant censorship and disinformation plaguing society today?
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Our main Matrix server. We're pretty sure it won't be unfairly taken down like our many Discord servers, we also have a self-hosted Matrix, but most users have not moved over to it yet.
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Our forums were created to diversify our community; not just to users who prefer chat-style discussions, but also to those who prefer the long-form message board formatted discussions that a forum provides.
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Autumn 2022
We have a public Discord that you can join. If our discord ever gets maliciously taken down by the staff you can always head back to this website for the link to a new server ...or you could join our matrix!

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The Hydra Network

Periodic automatic backups paired with our three pronged server bridge strategy along with the ability to moderate from afar makes server replication as easy as Pi! 3.1415926
You can trust us to always keep coming back to the platforms you love with all of your message history restored! If you ever grow tired of the periodic server restorations you can always head over to our Matrix Hub!


We'd greatly appreciate your willingness to contribute your time and skills to our mission. Your support plays a crucial role in helping us succeed in our fight against disinformation.


Develop the website and our services to ensure the best quality for our users.


Moderate users to keep conversations respectful.


Volunteer to create memes and art for our server!


Help grow our community by hosting community events!


Volunteer your time to write more material for our fun fact doc!


Volunteer your writing talent by writing blog posts for our website about current news.